Motion for Newton

Video on seven LED screens, b/w, mute, BE/DE, 2008, loop

Permanent installation of multiple light screen sculptures displaying a shared animation.

Inspired by the verticality of the seven screens and of skyscrapers in general, Anouk De Clercq created a constructivist mobile. Moving lines and geometrical patterns that are in constant movement. Gradually it becomes clear that the black-and-white patterns are nothing more than the play of light in the dark: like the play of the light behind the windows in skyscrapers, like the play of the headlights passing by on the freeway next to the seven screens.

The work is included in a book about Osram Seven Screens, published by Hatje Cantz.

Commissioned by Osram Art Projects, Christian Schoen
Animation Tom Kluyskens
Produced by Auguste Orts
Video Frank Sauer

In the public collection of

Osram Art Projects

OSRAM, Munich

OSRAM, Munich