Helga Humming

two-channel video, b/w, 9:16, immersive sound, BE, 2019, loop

For Helga Humming, Anouk De Clercq creates a modern take on the world of Bernard van Orley and the polyphonic music of his time.

Electronic music artist Vessel composed an immersive soundscape that builds on the meandering vocal lines of 16th century polyphony. The music has been reduced to its most essential and physical form: humming. Words have become sounds, the body becomes a resonance box.
Helga Davis stands as a radically contemporary answer to the sitters in van Orley’s portraits. Her powerful presence fills the space as her gaze shifts from visitor to visitor.

Helga Humming is the incantation of a new world order, which envelops the visitor in a monumental intimacy where centuries collide.

Music Vessel
Vocals and Performance Helga Davis
Photography and Lighting Koen Hauser
Animation Thomas De Brabanter
Styling Maarten Spruyt in collaboration with Margreeth Olsthoorn
Make-up and Hair Anita Jolles
Sound Scenography Johan Vandermaelen/6 Moon Parrizal
With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, IPEM
Thank you Auguste Orts, Christine Sticher

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