Game of Mobile Forces

Live visuals and music, color, stereo, 4:3, BE, 2001, 33'

Game of Mobile Forces is an interactive experiment with music and 3D-software, a collaborative work around sound- and image-manipulation, with live music, projections and state of the art software.

Game of Mobile Forces is about the desire to visualize music and to put together two disciplines – music and image – into something that transcends the boundaries of each discipline involved. Using Touch101 – a 3Dprogram that allows us to link certain elements in the image to certain sound frequencies – the music makes the images.

Game of Mobile Forces is a game in which music flirts with images (and vice versa), in which electronic music flirts with acoustic music (and vice versa), in the minefield between man and machine, nature and technology.

A collaboration with Joris Cool and Anton Aeki.

Animation Joris Cool
Sound Anton Aeki
Produced by Portapak, Machine Centered Humanz
With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie
Thank you Jan De Pauw

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